Is there the departure place only from Ogizawa ?

We will accept the car both in Ogizawa and Tateyama. We have office and parking lot in both side. We will take care of the car safely.

Is the parking lot far from Ogizawa Station and Tateyama Station?

There is an exclusive parking lot in front of Ogizawa Station and Tateyama Station.
This is a privilege only for us.
The customers don't have to bear the wasted time and useless transportation expenses.

How much is the parking rate?

The parking rate is free.
Please contact us at the time of resarvation.

What is the merit of making reservation?

The summer vacation and the autumn season are crowded very much and traffic regulation may be enforced. You can go through the traffic regulation, by showing our reservation certification to Ogizawa. This is a privilege only for us.

What is the merit of forwading th car?

  1. Private car is not allowed to drive through the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and and need to take various transportation.
  2. It takes 5-6 hours to go through the Alpine Route. The returned on the way will reduce pleasure to half.
  3. Sightseeing without luggages is comfortable. Forwarding the car becomes comfortable because there are the place to go on foot.

What kind of clothes should I wear or bring?

Please come prepared for trekking. Be sure to bring warm clothes that allow you to control your temperature, as you can never be sure of the conditions. Sneakers and backpacks make walking comfortable. The conditions and temperature can change quickly and suddenly.

How much time is required for touring the Alpine Route and forwarding the car?

Including transfer and sightseeing times, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to pass through the Alpine Route. At peak of rush, it may be better to set aside another 2 hours.
It will take about 5 hours to transfer your car due to distance is about 200 km. It will take another 2 hours in rush hour.

Are reservations required for taking the transport for the Alpine Route?

Reservation is only required for groups of more than 15 persons.

How do you forward the car?

Our experts driver will drive your car Ogizawa to Tateyama station (or Tateyama station to Ogizawa).

What is the difference between your company and other company?

  1. We have exclusive parking lot and 1 minute to the station.
  2. The resident staff will hanldle your car at the both station.
  3. We will bear the insurance premiums.
  4. We will check your car with the customers and the experts driver will drive the car.

Will you refund paument if the Alpine Route is closed due to bad weather?

We will refund all the payment only if the Alpine Route is closed.

Can you forward the motorcycle?

Sorry, we can't forward the motorcycle.

How do you adjust the ETC fare?

Please rest assured. We will not drive the expressway.

How do you deal at the emergency?

We have agreements with major insurance company in Japan.
We cope in all sincerity.

How do you cope if the car ran out of gas or trouble?

Please put fuel in the car and maintain well.
The customers are to pay the fee basically.