Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name Omachi Traffic Co.,Ltd.
Office location 1040-1, Taira, Omachi-shi, Nagano, 398-0001, Japan
CEO : Representative Director Akio Yaguchi
Established in 1968
Capital 37,200,000 yen
Main Business Activities Car Forwarding for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Rental villa Canadian Village Montreal
TEL 0261-23-3331
free-phone 0120-233-454
FAX 0261-23-5361

Privacy Policy

We respect personal information and are committed to full implementation and compliance with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of Omachi Traffic Co.,Ltd.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We keep related laws and regulations of privacy protection and conduct business activities complying with them.

2. Uses of personal data we collect

We collect and use your information is written below.

  • We use the information to contact with you.
  • We use the information to answer your question.
  • We use the information to offer our services.

3. Proper Acquisition

We never collect your personal information with an act of deceiving others or any other wrongful or extremely unjust act.

4. About disclose your personal information to a third party

We won't disclose your personal information to a third party.
Except below.

  • We may share or disclose your information at your direction.
  • When required by law or to respond to legal process.
  • Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, or body of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

5. About disclosure and correction of personal information

We will respond to disclosure, correction or delete your personal information.

6. Contact us

Omachi Traffic Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0261-23-3331 Fax: 0261-23-3201 e-mail:

Car Forwarding Rule

1. We will contract the insurance policy with our responsibility.
2. Our contract driver will drive your car from Ogizawa to Tateyama via Itoigawa usually.
We will forward the car with 50% additional charge, via Toyama city, Joetsu city and Nagano city due to the road closed to traffic or other reasons.
3. The cost of fuel to forward the car is paid by the customers.
4. In case of inflict damage upon our responsibility during the car forwarding
  • a. When repairs of your car exceeds the market value amount (total loss), we compensation at market value amount.
  • b. When repairs of your car does not exceed the market value amount (minute loss), we will compensate for the cost of repairs.
  • c. We will not pay the expense except the above.
  • d. If we have suffered an accident during the forwarding, with your approval, we will resolve it by our responsibly.
5. We will not bear full responsibility for accidents of inadequate maintenance.
We may refuse the forwarding for inadequate maintenance during the car forwarding.
6. We will not pay the expense for failure of car (Punctured, abrasion of the clutch board, engine and mission trouble etc ) which is not our responsibility.
7. We will not bear full responsibility for the delay of irresistible force.
8. Depending on season and period, half of business will conduct by partner company.
The partner company bears the responsibility of the accident at that time.